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​2017 & 2016 WFA Pacific Region Champions

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Every player on our team is required to earn/raise $1000 for our Registration Fee which goes towards various team expenses and league fees and is required to volunteer at team fundraising events.  We also have to pay own travel expenses. Despite multiple team events to raise money, it’s still difficult to cover all of our costs. Field rentals are over $1,500 per game, our helmets need to be reconditioned and even bad referees demand to be paid. As a team, we hope to raise over $42,000. The team and I would really appreciate your sponsorship to help us meet these critical needs.

The Fighting Shockwave has provided me and other women the rare and exciting opportunity to play full-contact football. With your support, we are looking forward to keeping our gridiron dream alive and bringing back a championship title.


Photography by Sarah Waters, Waters Photographs

Portland Oregon

As you may or may not know, I’m a proud member of the Portland Fighting Shockwave; a women’s full-contact football team. Last season was our 16th season and we are proud to say we ended the regular season 7-1 and repeated as the WFA’s Pacific North Division Champions.  We are getting ready to kick-off our 17th season and intend to build upon our success!!  Official practices started in January and are settling in to all the conditioning, drills, bumps and bruises while learning all we can about the game of football. Because the sport we love is expensive to play (and isn’t supported by traditional parks and rec. or city funding), we’re also working hard to earn financial support.