​2017 & 2016 WFA Pacific Region Champions

Liability Waiver:

By typing my name ABOVE, in the "Liability Waiver", I declare my intent to play for the Portland Fighting Shockwave and be available for the 2021 WFA (Women’s Football Alliance) season. I agree to comply with all of the rules, regulations, and guidelines of the WFA, and of the individual team. I understand that I am to pay a one-time non-refundable tryout fee of $25.00. This fee may be waived at the discretion of the Portland Fighting Shockwave under certain circumstances. As a player, I am not responsible for any debts, suits, or liabilities, public or private, of the WFA or any League Team. I understand that upon signing this letter of intent/injury waiver, if and when I choose to sign a player contract with any team within the WFA I am not to sign with, play for, or participate in the activities of any other women’s tackle football organization during the WFA season. I am free to play for any other sport or league outside of the WFA season. I further understand the significant risks involved in participation in the full-contact sport of American Football and that it is possible I may sustain one or more serious injuries during the courses of exercises, workouts, drills, scrimmages, and related activities involved in try-outs, combines, workouts, training camps, practices, and games. In this regard, I have no knowledge that I suffer from any injury or disability preventing or restricting me from performing any activity during my association with the Portland Fighting Shockwave or WFA. Moreover, I warrant that I am physically able to participate in the WFA and that I accept all of the risks associated with such participation, and indemnify both the Portland Fighting Shockwave and the WFA and hold them harmless should any injury occur. I understand that I am required to sign this injury waiver prior to participating in any and all WFA activities. I have read this letter of intent in its entirety and fully understand its terms and conditions.

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